Helen Tufts Nursery School

ABC Cubes


In Helen Tufts Nursery School Program, you will find:

  • a clean and sanitary environment

  • a group size of 16 children and 2 skilled educators

  • a beautiful room set-up to encourage interaction with teachers and peers

  • sensorial equipment which develops and refines the senses

  • programming that focuses on building a combination of social and cognitive skills to
    help prepare children for school, including

    • simple counting games and early math skills

    • early literacy skills through a rich language environment

    • development of receptive and expressive language

    • specialized materials and resources to encourage early learning

  • an environment where children are given the freedom to move and
    make choices

  • a focus on the development of organizational skills and encouragement
    for each child to gain greater individual 

  • nurturing educators who are attuned to each child’s physical and 
    emotional needs

  • children who are confident, happy and treated with respect

  • Kingston Market

  • Glocca Morrah Farms

  • Fire Station

  • Train Station

  • Kingston Public Library (puppet show)

  • Music Mates for music and movement/sign language incorporated monthly


Other School Events

  • Christmas Potluck for HTNS families

  • End of the school year party/graduation for families of HTNS